June 2014 Meeting


River Soča, Slovenia 08/13, Toby Deveson.

River Soča, Slovenia 08/13, Toby Deveson.

Nocturne, Mike Crawford, 2014, Lith

Nocturne, Mike Crawford, 2014, Lith


On Tuesday 3rd June 2014 at 6.30pm, London Alternative Photography Collective will be meeting at Doomed Gallery Dalston



Mike Crawford will present a talk on his series, Nocturnes, which explores the city in twilight. Much of the work is abstract and multilayered, using reflections and shadows to suggest stories within a story. Other images are purposely diffused, unwanted detail subdued to leave shape and form.

Shot in a variety of locations on 35mm, the work is unified by the lith process. Printed on discontinued and outdated paper, the contrast and colour of the photographs are intensified and the texture and grain enhanced. Mike’s talk will consider the influences behind the work, his use of lith printing for this particular series as well as a historical review on the process.

‘The longer I linger over the prints, the more intrigued I am by them. I almost feel as though I’m looking at stills from a strange and mysterious film – a kind of Edward Hopper existence in the night-time city where life is caught in the reflection of a rain-spattered window or through a shady doorway. It’s enticing and strange and not without it’s moments of darkness.’
Elizabeth Roberts, Black and White Magazine

Mike Crawford is a photographer and specialist photographic printer based in London. He has printed for many leading photographers, working on numerous exhibitions and publications. In addition, he has held several exhibitions of his own photography, primarily working in urban landscape and portraiture. Mike is an Ilford Photo Master Printer and has taught at several Universities and Institutes and is the author of four technical photographic books and numerous articles for various photographic magazines.


Toby has been taking black and white photographs since 1989, always using an old Nikkormat and the same 24mm lens he ‘borrowed’ from his father over twenty years ago.
Whether he is photographing landscapes or people, Toby approaches his work in the same way, moving through his environment surprisingly quickly. Always watching and absorbing, constantly experimenting with framing and composition.
Toby has exhibited extensively, most recently at The Strand Gallery in central London in May & June 2012. 
Toby is currently exhibiting “West of the Sun” at Silverprint.


Light Play // Double Negative Darkroom

Light Play -  Emma Falconer

Light Play – Emma Falconer

An Open Studio’s and Launch Party to celebrate the opening of the Residents Exhibition at Double Negative Darkroom.

The Artists In Residence are;
Douglas Nicolson


Scarlett Pimlott-Brown


Tereza Cervenova


Melanie King

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