Light Play // Double Negative Darkroom

Light Play -  Emma Falconer

Light Play – Emma Falconer

An Open Studio’s and Launch Party to celebrate the opening of the Residents Exhibition at Double Negative Darkroom.

The Artists In Residence are;
Douglas Nicolson


Scarlett Pimlott-Brown


Tereza Cervenova


Melanie King

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Film Soup Tutorial by Richard PJ Lambert

Film Soup by Richard PJ Lambert


I was super inspired by the Mancunian artists at In Camera Arts to destroy 35mm film using a variety of chemicals.

After this, quite a few of my friends were keen to try the technique, and I have recently received an email from Sheila McKinney who was interested in trying the technique too.

I found Richard PJ Lambert’s Film Soup Tutorial┬áto be the most useful tutorial to follow, so I wanted to share it with you guys!

You should also visit Scarlett Pimlott-Brown’s Flickr Page, as she also uses more laborious processes to damage film.