London Alternative Photography Collective, May Meeting

On Tuesday 6th May at 6.30pm, London Alternative Photography Collective will be meeting at Doomed Gallery Dalston, 65 – 67 Ridley Road, E8 2NP.



Mark Ingham, 120 Days of Staggering and Stammering

Mark Ingham, 120 Days of Staggering and Stammering

Ingham makes site-specific art installations that in practice and theory explore ideas of autobiographical memory and its relationships with photographic images. ‘120 Days and Nights of Staggering and Stammering’ is an installation made up of multiple SLR cameras modified to create photographic projectors. The projected photographic images are an exploration into experiences of remembering and forgetting. Mark has completed an AHRC funded practice-led PhD at Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2005. Mark studied BA Sculpture at Chelsea School of Art and Design and then went to the Slade School of Fine Art for his postgraduate studies. Mark was then awarded the Henry Moore Foundation Fellowship at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts. Mark is currently Contextual and Theoretical Studies Coordinator in the Spatial Communication/CTS programme at LCC.


Anthony Carr, Fall Back, Spring Forward, Camera 11, 2013

Anthony Carr, Fall Back, Spring Forward, Camera 11, 2013

Anthony Carr
Fall Back, Spring Forward, Camera 11 2013
23cm x 31cm (print size)

Fall Back, Spring Forward is a recent test project undertaken at the gardens of Burghley House, Lincolnshire, studying the moon’s path as it crosses the nocturnal sky using experimental makeshift time-lapse cameras. This particular pinhole photograph represents 1175 hours of exposure over a 4 1/2 month period. The moon is seen rising from the east and reflected in the estate’s large lake.

Read Anthony’s London Pinhole Festival interview here.

Anthony Carr is an artist and photographer whose current practice is predominantly focused on lo-fi photographic processes. He creates images using various methods of primitive production, from the assembling of homemade pinhole cameras to the constructing of room-sized camera obscuras. 

Often demanding extremely long exposure times, the pinhole photographs can have a typical exposure lasting anywhere from a few weeks to several months. He is fascinated by the marks and subtleties that manifest over time, with only the trace of human activity seen for instance in the routine shifting of furniture or the repeated laying of a table. 

Carr’s documentary approach is heavily influenced by our surveillance culture and he has always been fascinated by the elevated viewpoint of CCTV cameras and the quality of images they produce. From their distinct position surveillance cameras are able to silently and constantly observe. This continuous watching without blinking relates directly to his own work and while everything is recorded, virtually nothing but a hint of this is seen in the work. Months mirror moments. 

Carr’s recent projects have captured interiors, exteriors and landscapes from grandiose English houses in Great Windsor Park (24,7,17) and Burghley estate (A Burghley Season) to the forgotten landscape of Milton Keynes’ city centre park (The Forgotten Quarter: An Obscured Camera Production) and the nocturnal cityscape of Derby (A Month of Nights, Derby). Anthony Carr lives and works in London.


The London Alternative Photography Collective aims to provide a forum for anyone interested in alternative photography ideas and processes.

Accessibility and experimentation is at the heart of LAPC. We provide monthly artist talks, opportunities to exhibit works and will organise special events such as: photo walks, demonstrations and workshops.

We encourage everyone from amateur, emerging and established photographers to get involved! If you would like to learn a particular process, please do get in touch, as we are in touch with many specialists who may be able to help you.

On April 25-27th April 2014, London Alternative Photography Collective,Doomed Gallery Dalston and Double Negative Darkroom are collaborating to bring you London Pinhole Festival.


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