Berlin Calling // Creative Exchange



Over the past few days, Melanie of London Alternative Photography Collective has attended four events for University of the Arts London’s Creative Enterprise Week.

The first was a presentation on Creative Exchange‘s successful new project, enabling entrepreneurs to visit Berlin to scope out how their projects would succeed in Germany’s hub for the creative industries. Creative Exchange is part of Animate Europe, which encourages connections with creative industries across Europe.

Here’s how it works;

– Creative Exchange matches you up to a suitable candidate in Berlin, who will help you find a place to stay. The candidate is matched to help you make the best of your trip to Berlin, making sure you visit organisations and make connections with people who will benefit your creative project.

– When you return from your visit to Berlin, you must also provide the same service for the person you have been matched with. Similarly, you will need to offer help in finding your match a place to stay and make sure that you show them some interesting organisations in London.

The catch is that you will most likely need to fund your own flights to Berlin, but there is funding available for special cases!

Want to know more?

You can follow Creative Exchange on Twitter, or you can email Diana Hudson with enquiries at;



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