London Alternative Photography Collective, October Meeting

On Thursday 3rd October at 18:30, London Alternative Photography Collective will be meeting at The Double Negative Dark Rooms at 178A Glyn Road in Hackney.

We will be providing refreshments, and an opportunity to chat about alternative photography processes.

At 7pm, there will be informal talks from;

Sam White 
Light Play
Pinhole Pedallers

Sam will be visiting from Exeter to tell us about his experimental camera obscura work. In his “Tracing The Light” project, visitors were invited to step within the camera for an unconventional portrait. In Sam’s “Pinhole Pedallers” project, Sam pulled his Camera Obscura an estimated 350 miles through the South West of England.
Processes Explored: Camera Obscura

Adam Brown
Visit Adam’s Kickstarter Page

Adam will be demonstrating and talking about his Concentricism project, which he describes as “a photographic show on vinyl”.

Here is Adam’s description of the project;

“Concentricism will (possibly) be the first ever vinyl EP consisting of photographs, rather than music. I have developed a simple app for PC or Mac that can encode bitmap images to audio tracks, so that they can be mastered and cut to dubplate – or pressed to vinyl as a proper release. Here’s the good part – I have also coded a (more complicated) app to play the images back.
The first digital camera recorded images on audio tape, and NASA sent images into space on gold discs in 1977. This project opens the doors to a host of creative possibilities in the strange space between image and audio. Noisy, glitchy and fun, this is an art project which explores ideas of permanence, memory and technology, yelling ‘to hell with progress!’ I want to play with colliding vinyl and photography.”

Processes Explored: Photographs inscribed on Vinyl.

Dr. Chiara Ambrosio
UCL Staff Page
Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science at University College London

Dr, Chiara Ambrosio’s research focuses on early photography before it came a form of avant-garde art. Ambrosio’s focuses specifically on the famous american photographer Alfred Steiglitz.
Melanie attended a talk at UCL’ in which Dr. Ambrosio explored the role of the photograph. For example, can a photograph be used as “evidence” or is the photograph immediately biased by the point of view of the photographer?

About London Alternative Photography Collective 

Inspired by the InCameraArts group in Manchester, The London Alternative Photography Collective aims to bring together artists and photographers around London who wish to share alternative photography ideas and processes.
The group will meet at the Double Negative Dark Room on 178A Glyn Road in Hackney, E5 0JE.

We provide artists talks, discussions about Alternative Photography Processes, demonstrations and opportunities to collaborate.
Anyone interested in Alternative Photography is welcome to join.

About Double Negative Dark Rooms

Double Negative Dark Rooms specializes in alternative processes, such as Silver Gelatin, Cyanotype and Colour Processing. Double Negative runs specialized courses, on-site processing and large format camera hire amongst other services.

As Double Negative provides free refreshments at the London Alternative Photography Collective, we would ask that you bring a £3 donation to the event or book using eventbrite.

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Intention Meeting Chance // Jennifer Brookes

Jennifer Brookes is the founder of In Camera Arts, which inspired me to create London Alternative Photography Collective.
Jenn is a keen film destroyer, and came up with the project “Intention Meeting Chance” where she asked participants to send her colour film to destroy and then develop using her C41 kit at home.

I loved the idea of this project so I sent along one of my films from my Paris in March 2013 for her to damage, and here are the results…




If you’d like to see more photographs from Jenn’s “Intention Meeting Chance” project, visit Jenn’s Flickr Page!